Honduras, the country that is in the center of America, received this week several good news about the fight against corruption, the defense of the State, as well as a good game from the Honduran national team. 

Today at tunota.com we present you the 5 most important events that happened this week.

Honduras national team to fight for third place in Concacaf nations league

After losing to United States, Honduras will play for third place in Concacaf against Costa Rica.

For its part, United States will play against Mexico to dispute the first place.

Ccinoc arrives in Honduras to fight corruption

Civil society organizations began on Thursday (03.06.2021) the first center to fight through a joint effort against corruption and impunity in the countries of the Northern Triangle of Central America: El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

The Center against Corruption and Impunity in Northern Central America (Ccinoc) was presented at a virtual event attended by representatives of civil organizations and the special envoy of the Government of the United States for the Northern Triangle, Ricardo Zúñiga, and others.

The special envoy of the Government of the United States for the Northern Triangle, Ricardo Zúñiga. Photo: EFE.

Cohep: Approval of the ZEDE violates the principle of legality of the rule of law

The Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (Cohep) said on Wednesday (2.6.2021) a legal analysis of the Areas of Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE), requesting that the National Congress deslegitime the so-called "model cities" to avoid that the State of Honduras has to pay compensation to the transnational in charge of the projects.

According to Cohep, "while the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), has ruled on the
regarding, establishing that the reforms to the Constitution of the Republic and the Organic Law of the ZEDE, ARE NOT norms contrary to the Constitution for reasons of form and content, we are concerned that in practice the provisions of the amended article 329 of the Constitution have been violated and violated."

Nayib Bukele authorizes donation of more vaccines for Honduras

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, confirmed via Twitter, on Wednesday (02.06.2021) the donation of another batch of vaccines for different municipalities of Honduras.

In that sense, the president informed that the departments of Islas de la Bahía and Ocotepeque will benefit from the new donation.

Jennifer Aplicano, talented Honduran tiktoker and theater player who fights epilepsy

Aplícano is a young woman of 25 years that thanks to her talent in acting have led her to position herself in social medias.

She describes herself as capable, because regardless of her diagnosis of epilepsy, she continues to fulfill her dreams.

"I grew up with the wisdom of a single mother, but committed to her three children. She allowed my childhood to have my best anecdotes", she told tunota.

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